Justin Currie’s debut solo album ‘What Is Love For’ is to be pressed to vinyl for the first time.

Pre-order now ahead of release on December 7th:

To have made five or six albums since 1997, none of which appeared on vinyl, was starting to make me feel like a fake. After all, what is a record if it isn’t a black platter, with physical grooves and twelve-inch artwork? Since receiving the test pressings for What Is Love For last month I have been incredibly excited that this odd situation was finally being rectified. Something happens to acoustic based music in the analogue domain that renders it somehow more alive. The blueprint becomes a breathing animal. It has an energy and presence I’ve missed hearing on everything I’ve recorded since Del Amitri’s Some Other Suckers Parade twenty one years ago. There are a number of tracks on this album that suddenly come alive in a way they never did on CD. It’s been an enormous relief to hear that rumble and fizz around the music that producer and mixer Mark Freegard and I always imagined as we were making it. We don’t feel like fakes anymore. We feel like we’ve made a record. – Justin Currie

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