Del Amitri was recorded in 1984 for Chrysalis records by Hugh Jones at Park Lane Studio in Glasgow in two intensive weeks and mixed at The Garden in London in one. How fresh and innovative this album still sounds is testament to Hugh’s talents.

Those of you who’ve heard of del Amitri before will know that they make a very good noise indeed so this album is everything you will have been waiting for expexctantly. If you haven’t come across del Amitri in the past and are unaware of their obvious talent then get out and find out what they’re all about. Great pleasures are in store for one and all…

From start to finish this LP is uplifting and brilliantly accomplished, a captivating web of sound. It’s bursting at the seams with genuine quality created by two guitars, bass and drums beating out music and rhythms full of energy and verve. On top of that the singing and lyrics display the kind of bite and inspiration previously only the property of The Buzzcocks. Live, del Amitri cascade through their songs at speed, their urgency sometimes making it all a bit hectic. Here, the passion and feeling are just as apparent but the band are always in control.

“Hammering Heart”, “Deceive Yourself”, “I Was Here” and “Crows in the Wheatfield” are about the most distinctive songs on the album although they’re all honest, irreverent and sparkle like diamonds.

It cuts, it’s radical and you’ll love it

Kevan McLair, Deadbeat Magazine, August 1985

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