The band showed no sign of slowing down on this, their sixth album. Can You Do Me Good features a dozen typically clever, melodic tracks including 'Just Before You Leave', 'Cash And Prizes', 'Baby It's Me', ' Jesus Saves', and 'Just Getting By'.

There certainly is a randy sentiment within the title of the album, something that suggests seduction and romance, and the band does follow through on the promise. From the moment the opening track, 'Just Before You Leave,' begins, it's clear that there is a subtle smooth soul vibe here. This is certainly not a soul record, but that spirit clearly informs much of Commisioner Gordon's production. The band never really abandons the clean, sweet, melodic spirit that informs their earlier work; they even rock a little harder on 'Wash Her Away', but the spirit of the album is imbued with a sultry soul feeling that seeps through on enough of the tracks and that is quite welcome.

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